Handmade with Love! Each of our TeetherToys® is carefully handmade and constructed. Made from the simplest ingredients - natural hardwood and organic cotton cord, each ring and bead is individually, sanded, dusted, & polished with organic coconut oil. We use professional knots, of course! 

Round Stanley's headed out for adventure!

Our products are carried in baby and toy stores throughout California and Austin, Tx.

Each piece of wood is individually inspected and sanded

All of our creations are individually tended and crafted

We offer wholesale pricing and shipping!

TeetherToys® are both a teether and a toy! Organic and hand-made with love for your special babe

Macie looks like her pre-crawling skills are kicking into gear! TeetherToys® for tummy-time!

Natural Ring Stacker - perfect to dangle from a play-gym or car seat handle when I am a baby! When I get older, teach me how to stack them up again!

TeetherToys® arrive at your door beautifully packaged in this soft flannel pouch

Keep tummy time a daily habit!

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