Three-Ring Circus™ - Organic Teething Toy - Wooden Toys


This teether's trio of curved hardwood rings provides relief from all sides for both front teeth and later back molars.

This unique teether promotes fine-motor development by teaching baby to grasp with both hands and transfer a toy from hand-to-hand. Two rings for the hands, one for the mouth! Both smooth and textured middle beads spin and promote isolated thumb-finger play. Small and lightweight at just 1.5 ounces this TeetherToy is perfect for preemies and special needs infants.

*Handmade with love, quality craftsmanship, and securely fastened using professional knots.

*Available in 3 yummy colors of 100% organic cotton cord - Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate.

*Designed by an Infant Specialist and mom of 4.

*Wipe with a damp cloth only, do not immerse in water.

*Contains small parts, always use with supervision.

Measures 5"x5" diameter

Shipping from United States

Ships in 1-2 days via priority mail. Please send a conversation if you need other shipping options

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