Mommy-Ring Teether Necklace™ - Organic Teething Necklace


Truly a Mommy favorite!!
This beautiful & unique Mommy Teether necklace is all natural and a perfect organic teething solution. Worn around mom's or dad's neck, this helpful 'Teether-tool' gives parents a break from having to deal with dropped and dirtied toys on a constant basis as early teeth buds emerge during the carrying/wearing stage.
Wear one of these comfortable and unique necklaces while carrying your baby in a pouch, snuggly or on your hip, this teether is great for keeping little hands busy while you shop or do housework. The small ring necklace also provides babies something to twirl and fiddle with other than mommy’s hair or jewelry while nursing. Moms report decreased biting activity during nursing after offering this necklace regularly :)
Necklace-style allows for convenient teething without the frustration of continual toy retrieval and sanitizing.

*Available in preemie size on request.

*Handmade with love, quality craftsmanship, and securely fastened with a unique design & professional knots for optimal safety.
*Available in 3 yummy cord colors, Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate.
*Necklace length measures 22 ½".

Wipe with damp cloth only, do not immerse in water.

Contains small parts - ALWAYS use as intended with caution and supervision!

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