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A NATURAL CHOICE FOR YOUR BABY!  Developed in 2012 by an Infant Development Specialist with over 30 years experience in pediatrics, TeetherToys® are the perfect all- natural teething solution for all ages and stages of teething and infant play. The unique and fun combinations of hardwood rings and beads satisfy sore & sooth irritated gums, while keeping little fingers busy and encouraging the development of important fine motor skills. Made with natural hardwood, nourished with 100% organic oil, fastened with professional knots of organic cotton cord, and free from dye and harmful chemicals, TeetherToys® are the guaranteed solution to your baby's teething needs. At only 1.5 - 5 ounces our handcrafted toys are the ideal teether for young babies as well as for premature and special needs infants! All babies will benefit from being introduced to TeetherToys®!

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