TeetherToys® are no ordinary teether! Read our story…   The founder of TeetherToys®, Cindy Baker, MA is an Infant Development Specialist with 25+ years experience working in NICU’s, pediatric clinics and private practice with premature, special needs and medically fragile babies.   For many years Cindy sought out engaging toys and ‘tools’ to assist with young babies development, but was continually frustrated by the lack of appropriate toys available on the market for this population. There was very little that small hands could actually hold onto and manipulate, and the predominance of plastic molded material was off-putting. Combining her expertise and love for babies, Cindy called upon her engineering-minded brother, Chip, to help design an organic line of toys that would be lightweight and easy for her little ones to play with and learn from. From their combined efforts TeetherToys® was born in 2011. Weighing between 1 and 3.5 ounces they were perfect, and as the organic trend grew, they quickly became popular with a much wider population of moms and babies!    TeetherToys® promote curiosity, problem solving, and the development of ‘fine motor skills’ - babies develop important early learning skills such as, grasping, reaching, shaking, banging, transferring from hand-to-hand, pulling, poking, pinching and twisting. The smooth hardwood rings and beads are individually sanded and provide a naturally bacteria-resistant surface for teething. Each component is individually rubbed and nourished with 100% organic coconut oil before assembly. Each toy is then fastened using 100% organic cotton cord; craftsman engineering and professional knots are used to ensure each toy is tied securely and permanently!    TeetherToys® are manufactured in Carlsbad, Ca. and Lockhart, Tx and is a family owned and operated business.    Please visit our website at www.teethertoys.com and for more information on Cindy’s background and practice please visit www.my-babysteps.com    We love new followers on Instagram, Etsy, FB and Twitter!  Please tag us with your picture of TeetherToys® J